Turn Your Waste into
Clean Energy & Get

Your Free Bio-Fertilisers!

BioTreasure offers the most advanced, innovative
and efficient small scale biogas systems that
can be mobilized and installed easly.

What We Provide

BioTreasure developed and tested a revolutionary patent

pending system that covers bio waste efficiently

into clean biogas and fertilizers.

Our Impact

Every single home scale biogas system of ours can:

Cutting Edge Technology
with innovative features!

BioTreasure system delivering high returns on invesrment

at an affordable price, we are the first company

offering following advanteges.

High productivity and
efficiency maximizes
returns on investment

Integrated platform with
gas filtering system
and fertilizer treatment

Award winning and
international recognition
Top UN Environmental award

New manufacturing
technique and cost efficient
with improved Mobility

Improved design with
friendly interface easy
to install and operate


We suffered a lot of domestic gas shortages. I am very happy with
the biogas device through TRI-S now I can produce my own biogas!

I used to use expensive chemical and industrial fertilizer for my
home garden, now with an anaerobic fermentation device that can
manage household organic waste in a sustainable way and get a good
bio fertilizer and sustainable energy.


Media Coverage

News and Resources

10 August 2023

Bio Treasure Participating in the finals of Arab Entrepreneurship Rally

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10 August 2023

BioTreasure Starts its research and development facility in Mukalla

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09 August 2023

BioTresure and BCHR join hands to bring the biogas technology to Socotra

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